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Benefits of Energy ISO 50001 and SEP

Many people are currently seeking ISO 50001 and SEP certification for the very many benefits that are bundled with it. As we explained on the homepage, ISO 50001 standards are for anyone to implement. Surprisingly, even governments are now encouraging different organizations to seek for these certifications to help in energy conservation and proper use.

Many different organizations in the United States are already certified for conformance to the ISO standards. If you are planning to get ISO Certification, then you should hasten the process to benefit from this process. Many benefits come with it. In this article, we are going to focus our attention on the benefits of having both ISO 50001 and SEP certifications.

Aims or objectives of ISO 50001

Before getting to the actual benefits of this standard, let us first revise the aims as that is where we derive the benefits. ISO 50001 came into effect in 2011 and has since been modified only once in 2018. The modification was done to include more objectives and add to the advantages of its certifications. Here are some of the aims for this standard:

  • To help different organizations in creating an energy management system to improve energy efficiency, use, and consumption
  • To create transparency and enhance communication on the areas of energy management
  • To enhance best practices and behavior that support proper energy use
  • To assist different organizations in applying energy-efficient technologies
  • To enhance the integration with other systems within the organization that focus on the environment, health, and safety.



Why is ISO 50001 important?

ISO 50001 comes with very many benefits to the organization itself. If you seek the certification and maintains conformance to the standard, then your organization will greatly benefit and take advantage of the saving from energy bills.  There are many other benefits as outlined below:

It is not to benefit the environment. Don’t think that you are punishing anyone for not using the available energy optimally. The optimal use of energy ensures that you are not wasting any energy. You will be surprised by how much you can save when you put the right standards in practice.

Every organization or company is encouraged to get the ISO 50001 certification as a sign of conformity to the energy regulations. This will cushion you from the high energy bills that you have to pay every end month. What if you can save on the energy and invest it elsewhere within your organization, say marketing?

Everyone is struggling to improve the performance of their organization and businesses. That is possible if you can put all the energy that you are paying for into proper use. You will greatly gain from this as you avoid energy wastage and implement energy-efficient methods according to the standards. You can upgrade your machines to more energy-efficient ones, which are also very productive. Also, you can use the savings from the energy bill in other sectors.

The greenhouse gases that are responsible for global warming mainly come from the energy sector. It is the generating plants that release large amounts of these gases to our atmosphere, and that is why there has been a movement to embrace renewable energy.

As the end consumer, you have a big role to play in reducing the amounts of greenhouse gases that ends up in the atmosphere by using energy sparingly or efficiently. When you reduce consumption, you can reduce the need to generate more energy that will require that diesel-driven plants or coal plants run. Less energy demand means that renewable sources can meet the need.

Different states may have different energy regulation laws. To comply with these laws, you only need to get ISO 50001 certification as many state governments borrow from this standard. If you don’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law or clash with the authority for noncompliance, just ensure that your organization or company is ISO 50001 certified. The certification should be led by a licensed company.

Compliance with ISO 50001 adds to what you already have as your reputation. Your clients, stakeholders, and other business partners will be more willing to sign deals with you knowing that you are responsible. The certificate that you will get for compliance after auditing is very instrumental in making you stand out among your competitors.

The first part that the ISO 50001 standard deals with are the energy wastage in organizations. The energy management system that is set up according to the standard will eliminate all areas that led to energy wastage leading to reduce consumption. This may even involve getting new machines that are more energy efficient.

Being that energy wastage is eliminated and almost all the energy that is available is effectively used, the energy consumption efficiency goes up. This should be good news to you as it translates to less cost and high production as discussed earlier.

ISO 50001 and SEP Certification

You require training on the ISO 50001 standards and SEP requirements and protocols. The knowledge that you gather from the training is to be implemented in your organization to manage energy consumption and usage. For you to know that you have done everything correctly and also show your customers and other business partners, you need a certification. For personal information, you can just do internal auditing. However, that has to be transparent and independent of any internal influence.

Normally, certification is done for external reference. You want people to know that you comply with the set standards. ISO-Pros is here to help you through the certification process. Once you have implemented everything as outlined in the standard, you will need to get to the second stage that involves auditing for ISO 50001 conformance and the effectiveness of the implemented energy management system. Just contact us for more information on this!